Total Business Integration


Leveraging The Cloud Across Your Entire Business

We want your business to work smarter and faster. Embracing cloud accounting is key to achieving this, as working within the cloud gives you better control of your finances and more access to your accountant. The beauty of the cloud is that it integrates with an ecosystem of add-ons designed for you, the small business owner. That is why we have also partnered with Eposnow, the UKs largest point of sale provider, to offer you complete business packages, allowing you to leverage the total power of the cloud and grow your business.

The beauty of Eposnow is that it grows with your business, start small and run your point of sale from your tablet! Or install full systems with all the bells and whistles! Whatever suits your adapting business needs. And we are here all the way to help with every aspect of your business, allowing you to build your business empire. 

Find your solution:

Customizable Dashboard

Get an instant overview of your business across all of your locations and devices. Provide real-time product, sales and employee performance information from anywhere, at anytime on any device.

Power At Your Fingertips

Access the entire management system from any device, anywehre in the world, allowing you complete visibility and control of your business, your inventory and your staff

Complete Stock Control

Always have a complete awareness of your inventory levels, eliminating many unnecessary stock takes. Monitor your wastage and shrinkage, whilst ensuring you always have your best-selling products in stock.

Improve Staff Performance

Extensive employee reporting allows you to recognise your best performing staff, and highlight those that are under-performing. With clocking in and out through the till, back office will generate their hours and pay, automatically.

Seeing is believing!

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Xero Add-Ons

Xero also integrates with hundreds more business add-ons, so that you can easily sync and streamline your data. From point-of-sale software, like Eposnow, that sends your sales information automatically through to your accounts in Xero to Receipt Bank, software that eliminates data entry and efficiently tracks expenses and invoices. We are trained and specialise in a range of business solutions that integrate seamlessly with Xero to maximise your businesses potential and efficiency.

We are experts in leveraging the power of the cloud to your businesses advantage, get in touch today so we can discuss our total business solution packages. Our creative solutions, that stretch far beyond accountancy will streamline your current business model allowing you to grow significantly.